Caretaker x male reader

Caretaker x male reader

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. You didn't know what to make of your nightguard job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You did need the money, but you didn't expect ten or eleven robots to try to get into the office to try and kill you. Or at least one of them didn't seem to be that way: the one in the Prize Corner you were told about on your first two nights on the job. You never really saw the robot in question, you only knew it was a puppet because you were told that.

You've been keeping the puppet at bay by using the music box like they told you, but you also knew that there would come a time where just one slip-up could get you killed.

haikyuu x male reader

You've been having a hectic night, checking the cameras, putting your mask on whenever the animatronics came your way, and keeping Foxy from pouncing on you using your flashlight. Not only were the new animatronics on the move, but also the old ones have been trying to get you as well. You've been so focused on saving yourself that you forgot to wind up the music box when it finished playing its song.

You put on your mask when you saw that Toy Chica was peeking into the office from the left air vent when you turned on its light as well as seeing Freddy coming down the hallway when you shone your flashlight there.

Your breathing then became shallow as heavy footsteps headed your way until You checked the hall again to be safe only to find that Freddy wasn't there anymore and then checked the air vent to find that Toy Chica was gone as well. It all seemed well until you switched to the camera overlooking the Prize Corner. The large box the puppet resided in was open, but no one was there That was when you heard it, a tune that sent shivers down your spine.

Goes the weasel You looked up to find a black hand reaching towards your face, still covered by the mask. You could only sit there, paralyzed in fear, as the hand inched closer and closer to your face, until It made no noise, which caused the hand to grab it and take it off your face, finding yourself looking at a face colored white except for the eyes, completely black with white dots in them as well as decorated with purple stripes at the bottom, the mouth, also entirely black with red lips, and its cheeks, which were a rosy pink.

There was no doubt in your mind that it was indeed the puppet that had gotten to you. The puppet then, to your shock, removed its face, revealing a woman's face similar to the one you saw initially, only without the rosy cheeks and red lips. That and your name tag gave it away. No one was, much to your surprise. The puppet hesitated and looked away from you.

After a moment of silence, you suddenly found yourself allowing the woman to sit on your lap, her arms wrapped around your neck. When the clock struck 6 AM, you got up along with the woman, who had put her mask back on, and left the office. You walked her to the Prize Corner, helping her back into her box upon reaching there. With that, you both said your good-byes and you left the building while the puppet retreated into her box.

Showing 1 - 0 of 0 comments. Date Posted: 15 Apr, pm. Posts: 0. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.Originally posted by softsiriusblack. Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup and they were throwing a huge party in the common room. Everyone was invited, even the Slytherins.

Everyone was dancing on the music, drinking, eating or singing. Sirius was looking around the room, James and Lily were dancing together and even Remus was dancing with a Hufflepuff girl one year below the Marauders. Peter was casually talking with a small and chubby Ravenclaw.

He was waiting for his girlfriend, but she was still upstairs. Sirius reached the door and pushed it open. He was in his human form again and smirked as he saw his girlfriend do her makeup. She turned around when she saw him standing in the door frame, in her mirror. How did you get up here? He kissed her cheek and laid his hands on her hips. You heard me. She missed him inches with her brush. He laughed and raised his eyebrow at her. The next couple weeks were a bit different.

Sirius suggested that she better could go to Mrs. Pomfrey to check if she was alright.

caretaker x male reader

Little did she know that she was getting the shock of her life there. Remus reacted just as shocked but tried to make it less by congratulating her. She laughed and hugged him. He promised her that it will be alright and they thought about a plan to tell Sirius. Peter opened the door and gave her a warm and understanding smile. All the Marauders and even Lily knew by now, so they could help her. Except Sirius. She was dead scared for what Sirius would say. Can we talk for a moment?

What is this about? Sirius stopped in the middle of his smile and his face sunk. He dropped his wand and the blood disappeared out of his face. His eyes were glassy and his face was paler than ever when he stared at nothing. Sirius said nothing. His usual grin seemed to appear on his face again as he lift her off her feet. I hope she has your eyes and my hair, or he of course.

But I hope a she because I want a mini you. You've got enough to nerve.

caretaker x male reader

Ask Submit Archive Random Theme.Also can the reader be a non mutant please? Thank you :. Originally posted by annamariehowlett. The X-jet was on the roof, so you only had to reach it before you were killed by the other humans. Your fellow species had captured you—tortured you until you would give them the whereabouts of the X-Men. But before you could utter a word to them, your best friend, Rogue, and two other X-Men rescued you… Almost.

The adrenaline surged through you as you heard the shut door open behind you. By the time two other agents entered through the door you ran up two flights of stairs. That was one of the moments you were a mutant. You could have had super speed, or even the ability to teleport to the roof before the men caught you. You panted as you trampled up the stairs.

What did they do to Rogue? Was she down there unconscious or dead? You decided not to think of that; it was better to think of reaching the X-Jet. Finally you barged through the door and stood upon the roof. You looked both ways until you noticed the X-Jet near the edge of the roof.

Once you reached the entrance of the jet you realized no one else was on board. The other two X-Men must have been with Rogue. You prayed they were safe. Just as you were about to board the jet, a force knocked you off of the entrance path, causing you to land to the gravel with a loud thump.

It was one of the agents, his entire face covered in blood and bruises. Your stomach churned at the sight. The man extracted a large knife out of his uniform pocket and slowly walked toward you. You shook violently as you pushed yourself into a sitting position. He jumped at you. The knife was inches above your chest as you grabbed his hand. You screamed in pain as you struggled pushing him off of you. Your knee dug into his gut before you pushed him off of you and off the edge of the roof.

He yelled, snatching your arm in an effort to pull you off the roof as well or if he tried to use you to stabilize him. Either way, you were off of the roof. As you felt gravity take control of the situation, your hand caught the ledge. The sound of something in your body snapping scared you.

caretaker x male reader

You had the feeling that the adrenaline in your body was temporarily soothing the pain. You heard the sound of something splashing onto the pavement below you. As your other hand wandered onto the edge, your eyes peered down. A groan escaped your lips as you struggled to pull yourself up over the edge.

Your fingers sweated, slipping from the metal ledge. You heard people screaming from below.Originally posted by kpfun. There were some pros and cons of working with Scott. You got to find out what going subatomic did to his body, which is surprisingly not very much.

And you got to hang out with a superhero most of the time. However, that superhero was annoyingly stubborn. Watching as you take the blood, his breathing slows down and he sits remarkably still. Putting the blood in a machine, you swizzle on your feet to face Scott.

He hopped off the bed and made his way over to you with long strides. Pick me up at As soon as your out of site he begins dancing around your lab till another scientist walks in. Originally posted by maleficusbonum. You were quick to learn how to use your powers. You and your dad trained every day until you were finally ready to use Cerebro. Hank had gotten you hooked up and you were ready to go. I can feel you in my mind. Originally posted by logan-delos. Connor had just started his long hour shift and was waiting for Maggie to give him a patient after discharging his last one.

He sighs and makes his way over to her. Ran over by a car on his way to work. Heart rate is 90 and bp is over Connor nods and introduces himself to you. On my count guys.

You nod and swat him. He looks towards the nurse and starts ordering some tests. After they realise you have a concussion and just a bruised pride Connor keeps you in for overnight observation.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He laughs at your joke, his face conjuring up a gorgeous smile and his eyes brightening. Posts Request Archive.

Leo x Male!Reader

Scott Lang x Male! I kinda like this hope you do too. Connor Rhodes x Male Reader Originally posted by logan-delos Connor had just started his long hour shift and was waiting for Maggie to give him a patient after discharging his last one.

Maggie hands him a tablet as Sylvie starts giving out the stats. And they get playfully flirty until one of them just goes "just ask me out already". See this in the app Show more.You can make it as dirty as you want XD.

Note: Based on post-manga where the Hosts go to America! Takashi will be attending college. Originally posted by bonjour-macaron-blog. Spend your next month working hard on this as it will be a good portion of your grade before spring break.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. You can use the rest of the class to discuss it with your partner. He had spent the whole semester in his own little bubble, afraid of the Alphas he could smell every day. He was glad he used pheromones to cover his scent, but it was still nerve-racking to sit next to one in particular—.

He glanced over at the one beside him. He was quiet. He knelt down to get them when the transfer knelt down to get them. Your scent started to seep through the perfumes. This Alpha could smell him, but kept his distance. Mori smiled at that and nodded. He was grateful his classmate tried to make him comfortable and feel safe.

Notes were splayed out over the floor for experiment ideas. Mori blinked and tilted his head. Group A is exposed to things like the loud sound effects, the hype that a lot of haunted house actors put up before they go in, and even the lights. Group B goes into a haunted house with none of that. Test things like heart rate and blood pressure before and after to see what the effects are. Mori smiled at that. You should go. Mori took a slow breath and got closer. Do you have suppressants?

Mori sighed and lifted him up. Mori shook his head. It was when Mori made to leave that the Omega whined.Please I beg of you. I'll do anything. Originally posted by katsukes. Keep reading. Originally posted by kagsprotectionsquad. Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou. An eager desire, an instinctive inclination; an attraction or a natural bond.

Sometimes Akaashi forgot that he was just the vice-captain on their volleyball team. Akaashi, however, knew this. Which was why he found himself watching a confused and slightly annoyed volleyball team captain argue with a just as confused and angered third-year who held a camera.

When the mentioned boy saw his vice-captain walk towards you, he sent you a shit-eating grin in hope that Akaashi would back him up.

The victorious smirk painting his face was wiped off just as quickly as it had appeared when grey-haired volleyball player realised what his vice-captain had said. This caused you to grin and wiggle your eyebrows at the third-year beside you, who in response just sulked heavily.

You snorted at that, finding his mood swings somewhat amusing. Akaashi however, who dealt with Bokuto on a daily basis, sighed in annoyance. Bokuto made a pained noise as he squirmed uncomfortably.

Picking up a volleyball, most likely dropped by Bokuto when he had started the conflict with you, Akaashi threw it at Bokuto. Not wanting another scolding or wanting to spend another second with you and the awkward and thick tension, Bokuto hurried away with the volleyball in his hands towards some of his other teammates. As the squeaking of his volleyball shoes against the gymnasium floor ebbed out, Akaashi finally turned to you and quickly swiped his black eyes over your figure.

Akaashi accepted your outstretched hand and shook it gently, quirking an eyebrow at your rather strong grip. Just call me [Male Name], please. His thoughts were already filled with worry about how Bokuto would react to you being around for the next couple of weeks. Bokuto had not reacted well at the news of you snapping pictures of their practice more than once. However, when you had started to show up to their practice he was weirdly quiet around you except throwing some childish and lame insults at you every now and then.

You even had a separate file folder on your laptop containing pictures of the team fooling around and striking funny poses when they had noticed you taking pictures. The reason why you spent so much time on taking the needed pictures was to get the best result possible. Photography was an art, and you prided yourself in taking some of the best pictures in your club. The best pictures, in your opinion, were the ones where the subject was completely unaware of the camera and just focused on their task.

Of course, you had been able to shoot some of the volleyball team where they had been aware of you, but most of the time those pictures resulted in weird expressions and postures. Those pictures were most likely to end up in the yearbook, but not without their consent of course.

The folder was probably containing over hundreds of pictures of the volleyball team being goofy, even some you secretly took of their captain. His childish antics were funny enough and again oddly charming in a way, but after a while of Bokuto just repeating that you had started to crave a different kind of attention and behaviour from him. You wanted him to interact with you normally without him being salty and sulking over your constant presence.

Hearing the familiar sound of the blitz and lens flicking, your eyes found their way to the screen quickly to observe the newest picture you just took. It was one of the better ones where the entire team concentrated on their practise match. Everyone was in position and Bokuto was in the air ready make another strong spike. It was a decent picture, indeed. The whistle snapped you back from your thoughts, letting you know that the match was over.No thank you!!!

I really do hope you like it tho! Keep reading. Hey, could I please request the winter prompt So I changed it up a bit but the premise is the same!! I hope this are fine!! Thank you so so much for the request and I hope you enjoy it!! Suga stared at the snow-clad mountains from the inside of the ski hut; snow had stopped falling on the early morning but the storm that had hit that night seemed to be more than perfect for those seeking the thrill of skiing in the hill.

All he could see was the clear blue skies, the beautiful green forest that seemed magical when covered in snow and the freshly plowed paths for those who dared go down the mountaintops. He smiled as he felt the chilly air hit his cheeks, zipping his jacket and strapping on his skiis. He hopped onto the lift. Looking around at the people descending swiftly. As he hopped down decided not to take the higher lift, he had never skied and he thought it would be fun enough starting from something easy.

You had a line of kids waiting behind you, ready for you to teach them the basics. You smiled as the five children in your charge seem to be learning pretty fast thanks to your excelling job as an instructor, they were ready to go down all by themselves; this time with you following just behind.

Female Pokemon X Male Reader Lemon

Suga pondered on how to go about skiing, when he saw you a few meters below, cheering on a bunch of learners. He smiled at the sight of you smiling at the tiny kids. Then he saw one by one head down, as you watched closely ready to go to the rescue were it be needed, thankfully they seemed to have no problem. He pushed himself over to the edge and began skiing, in a practically straight line.

Your attention was taken off the kids as you saw a silver haired guy rush past you, feeling a gush of wind due to the closeness. Crap, he will hurt somebody, or himself. You made sure all the kids were already safe at the bottom of the hill before bolting to stop him.

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